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Ancon Protocol implementation

What is a Vector Commitment

From Cosmos SDK Specs we get

Using IPLD and Cosmos

Reasons are:

  • Unique to a holder in 3 variables: denomination, id and metadata uri
  • The metadata might be offchain, ie allows forgery
  • Holder does not have cross chain accounts, ie complex UI / UX

Enter Ancon Protocol — DID NFT Metadata Ownership


Previously migrated…

Que es Ancon?

Es en esencia un canal seco, donde el peaje es 0 o cerca de 0. Inicialmente un canal seco o puente entre Cosmos y Ethereum, despues Flow.

Que tipo de puente?

Ancon solo se enfoca en tokens no fungibles o NFT.

Soporta EVM?

Si, puedes usar smart contracts en Solidity, y bajo costo de gas.

Aparte del feature de metadata y puentes, que mas ofrecen?

Vamos a descentralizar todo tipo de economía de los datos como la facturación electrónica y contratos legales.

Ya existe Polygon y otros mas, o Ancon es diferente?

Nuestro data pipes se basa en tres tecnologías novedosas y por primera vez usadas en conjunto:

  • Cosmos
  • IPLD
  • W3C Verified Credentials

Necesitan personal?


Son de Panamá?




NFT Creator

Creates on behalf of a recipient, for lazy mint use cases

NFT Owner

Both creator and did owner / recipient needs to be the same

Cross Mint/Swap

In this scenario, we just want to create an NFT token clone. …

Guided release plan November 3

Enhanced M1 from Filecoin grant

  • File feature will be rate limited to be 1MB
  • Ownership using DIDs


  • DID Web, DID Key and DID Ancon

Native NFTs

  • Integrated Irisnet NFT Module

NFTs with Trusted Content

  • NFTs using Ancon Immutable Metadata Resource

Universal Royalty Scheme

Cross Swap to Flow, Ethereum and Solana = M2

— Rogelio

Vapor Ancon, Primer barco en atravesar el Canal de Panamá

Ancon Protocol, “Any” de cualquier, “con” de contenido. Si nos remontamos a la época del Vapor Ancon, podríamos pensar que los extranjeros pensarían en “Any Continent”.

Ancon es exactamente esto, , esta sea por…

First Milestone — v0.1.0

CosmWasm Rust Contracts

Seems a bit daunting task me and the team had, from what we wanted to build to what actually got build.


For two weeks we spent working CosmWasm Rust Contracts. We did actually got it, including unit tests, working perfect with cargo tests. Where we…

XDV Documents

  • XDV 3.0 Mainnet released
  • Next: Swarm features and XDV Protocol M1 migration (Secret Network)

XDV Protocol

  • Milestone 1 at 60% completion
  • Milestone 2 and 3 documentation completed. Pending specs.

Codename OpenPanamaInvoice

  • Fundraising

New Security Product using brand

  • PoC completed, project started, will combine OIDC, PKI, Wallets and XDV Protocol.


  • We have now a partner in Honduras which will expand XDV commercial offerings

— Rogelio


  • Binance Smart Chain smart contracts which allows for easy integration with your Binance account using WalletDirect
  • Use BNB as gas, pegged USDC to pay for fees
  • Sign documents with blockchain features such as document anchoring and NFT.
  • Sign documents offchain
  • Sign documents with DID (simple), protected JWT or qualified (PDF Only).
  • Share and download documents
  • Smartcard Java Signer that works with Linux, Mac and Windows

Contract addresses

Document anchoring: 0xBD4259Ecaa508140aac3c142deE6Efa8e5eB2f7b

XDVNFT: 0xd6ce9d299e1899b4bbcece03d2ad44b41212f324




Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas, S.A. (IFESA) es la primera empresa panameña dedicada a tecnologías basadas en algoritmos criptográficos, firmas electrónicas,

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