Ancon Protocol 2023

2 min readJan 11, 2023


The web decentralized

This the 2023 pivot of AnyContent Ancon Protocol and with it we are embracing token-free client interaction to avoid getting trap in the conundrum of is blockchain really useful.

What we are changing and adapting the protocol?

  • There is no longer a need to create a KV Merklized chain using Cosmos/Tendermint, as many options are available (or combinations). We’ll expand on this shortly.
  • The protocol was always about a Node. Now, we are transitioning to SOLID project like server, where many up and coming W3C specs like HTTP Query Method and Structured Field Values for HTTP are built in.
  • It will support WebAuthn by default, where authenticated requests will required a P256 based signature.
  • Onchain data will be integrated with a Data Vendoring approach and be pluggable if the content network supports IPLD.

What are the use cases?

  • Serve as a web solution that can be integrated with Content Authenticity Initiative.
  • Create your own Medium clone
  • Be able to monetize ActivityPub (Mastodon)
  • Create a data market

What about $ANCON?

It makes sense to create another revenue model than one based on tokens. Ancon Protocol 2023 is more about open source and technology than finding a quick revenue stream. Likely will be looking to expand through technology partnership, grants and early adopters.




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