XDV Node — July 2021 updates

  • Alberto Guzman aka Alienroom is our new Community Manager
  • Fernando Romero, veteran Scala expert and backend wiz, joining us as open source contributor to work XDV Node
  • Open proposal XDV sent, waiting for feedback
  • XDV Node boots with IPFS as a library
  • 80% work done in XDV Node Provider, CosmJS web3 like provider for Dapps
  • Plan is to PoC chain with XDV Node Provider and be able to store local storage (XDV) and IPFS storage.
  • Start Research on how to engineer BLS with OCW (Offchain Workers) based on paper
  • We got to a $100 from the community. Pretty awesome, for that we’ll use our open source XDV Publisher with IPLD anchoring and will airdrop NFT tokens with Panama imagery. We are trying to get more cool things, like artists images, etc, but for now it will be more of a surprise. Stay tuned for the airdrop.
  • We will overhaul our community reach in Discord and Telegram, to start educating people in Latin America about our technologies and also to get developers who implement our open source. Eg we know XDV Universal Wallet has some developer ergonomics that needs to be addressed, we will put some issues in github and put some of the easiest as Gitcoin bounties or help wanted.
  • Locally, Panama community is also getting traction lately due to El Salvador rising, we’re seeing more favorable opinions towards blockchain technologies, people getting together online to draft legislation proposals to be sent to lawmakers and traditional companies getting the grips of what good is blockchain for. I will just say this: “Thanks El Salvador!”
  • We are working on that, is coming. For now we are focusing on our strategy that we planned together with Industrias DAO in February 2021. Given the acceleration with El Salvador and BTC, we will prioritize business before going to tokens.
  • Once that happens, first thing to go out will be Whitepaper and Tokens in the forthcoming IFESA English Web Site.
  • And then XDV (utility) and IDAO (governance) token will be EVM first, and use Althea Gravity Bridge.



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Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas, S.A. (IFESA) es la primera empresa panameña dedicada a tecnologías basadas en algoritmos criptográficos, firmas electrónicas,