XDV Node

Our MVP blockchain

We announce previously our intention for Polkadot and Substrate, that will be the case but Q4 2021. Team and I have decided a more faster deliverable is required given the market opportunities both in Panama and abroad.

Our initial PoC indicated Tendermint with Rust, but that one didn’t match our minimum requirements. After learning more about Tendermint and Cosmos ecosystem, I read their extensive documentation, new Starport tooling, which resembles create-react-app or Angular CLI, and many options for customization (eg AnteHandler allows XDV to add custom signature verification, will allow us to do RSA signatures), we’ll release a Cosmos SDK using Starport, Tendermint BFT consensus, IBC compatible XDV Node blockchain.

We will still use Rust using CosmWasm smart contracts, but first feature that needs to be delivered is moving Signer SDK complete feature to be inside XDV Node using go-ipld-prime. This blockchain in Go will be a way to work with our partner DAO Industries, which recently visited Bitcoin Week Miami 2021.

Github: https://github.com/Electronic-Signatures-Industries/xdv-node

— Rogelio



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