Running an Ancon Protocol v0.2.4 module with Gaia v6.0.0 / Vega testnet


Note: Requires Go 1.17+, see for hardware and software requirements

1. Clone

2. Download Starport

3. Run `starport chain build`

4. Copy `go/bin/gaiad` to `/usr/local/bin`

Running Your Own Full-Node

Note: Requires Vega Upgrade to be live on testnet

1. Clean any existing files `rm -rf .gaia/`

2. Create keys or use existing

`gaiad keys add mykey -i — keyring-backend file`

3. Initialize

`gaiad init mynode — chain-id vega-testnet`

4. Copy `app.toml` and `config.toml` to `.gaia/config`

5. Extract `` to `.gaia/config/genesis.json`

6. Run `gaiad start — x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants`

Staking information