Milestone 2 - Cross Mint/Swap for NFT with Metadata in Ancon


NFT Creator

Creates on behalf of a recipient, for lazy mint use cases

NFT Owner

Both creator and did owner / recipient needs to be the same

Cross Mint/Swap

In this scenario, we just want to create an NFT token clone. For swap, we assume NFT owner to burn origin token, but not metadata.

How it works

From Chain A - either smart contract or protocol

  • NFT Creator/Owner Signs Voucher message offchain with did-web or did-key using Ed25519 or secp256k1 algorithms
  • Calls MintSwap, in Ancon, MintSwap calls internal RequestLazyMint and stores the voucher as JSON, then calls InitiateSwap. Requires creator/owner has mint role.
  • Returns the Relay message


  • Verifies Chain A is whitelisted (prefix)
  • Trusted to send voucher and proof to Chain B
  • Client then calls ancon-relayer , which verifies prefix and calls next destination

To Chain B - either smart contract or protocol

  • Verifies relayer
  • Verifies ics23 commitment proof
  • Verifies sender voucher signatures
  • Mint


Relay can listen for events to handle burn requests

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