Introducing PanamaDAO

2 min readApr 23, 2021


We have been hard working, reading legal stuff, meeting coops and other VIP in the blockchain industry.

When I founded IndustriasDAO the intention was from the beginning to create a DAO structure but we hit roadblocks, one of them how to do same implementation that MetacartelDAO did with Delaware LLCs.

Industrias DAO of course focused on services like DAO or project management, while IFESA focus on product. We called this, Panama Block Hub o El Hub del Bloque de Panama (like “Hub de las Americas”), the alliance between IFESA and IDAO.

Which are practically similar to a Panama SA. I delayed this for a while as it was a daunting task, and lots of legal jargon. One thing that I manage to do was XDV Worker which allows you to automate a workflow and for example, create a SA with blockchain traceability of human and bot actions.

Early this week I met one of Panama Small, Medium Enterprises org President and we discussed DAOs, COOPs and blockchain and it seemed, once I understood the details, that I had found the perfect match to the DAO legal framework for Panama.

So I’m happy to introduce PanamaDAO: A Coop based on Ley 17 Panama Coop LLCs.

Take note this is an open source, grassroot effort, is likely IFESA/IDAO spearhead the initiative but for it to be viable, besides an initial seed funding, we will volunteers to bootstrap it, as a Panama Coop requires at a minimum 20 people and can be up to several hundreds.

For more info ping us at or

— Rogelio




Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas, S.A. (IFESA) es la primera empresa panameña dedicada a tecnologías basadas en algoritmos criptográficos, firmas electrónicas,