Mainnet marketplace guide

3 min readMar 23, 2022


We are preparing our flagship NFT Marketplace, which uses Ancon Protocol and newer paradigms like DAG Chain Redux, a kind of Redux design pattern that allows better experience when building DAGs (IPFS) and Smart Contract integrations.

How to use NFT Marketplace and its features

Enroll your BNBChain address

Just like other EVM Dapps like zkSync and Argent Wallet, you need to enroll your address in Ancon Protocol smart contract to get L2 verifiable offchain metadata. That is a one time transaction per chain and it will allow you to cross chain your NFT metadata in any Ancon Protocol chain (Polygon is next on the list and then Aurora Near). You can enroll in

Buy some tokens

To use Ancon Marketplace, you’ll need $ANCON. You can find those in PancakeSwap, or

Connecting to marketplace

Using Metamask, BNBChain Wallet or WalletConnect, enter the dapp and verify you have enough $BNB and $ANCON

Your first NFT minting

First, click on Create and click upload. The binary resource either image or any other media, will be uploaded to NFT.Storage by Filecoin.

Next, you’ll be asked to sign the offchain metadata, which has no cost, as this block proof of existence is paid by our proof relayer.

Last, sign the onchain transaction to mint the NFT

List for sale


We are excited for March 30 launch and invite you to discover Ancon NFT Marketplace





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