IFESA Roadmap 2022

Proposed Roadmap


  • Ancon Protocol V1 (Unaudited) Mainnet BSC
  • Filecoin Accelerator Encode Club
  • Onboard DAG Networks to Ancon
  • Support
  • Tokenomics published
  • Ancon Token, TGE, Private and Public Sale


  • Ancon Protocol V2 (Audited) Mainnet BSC
  • Staking / Incentives
  • At least 2 more chains

Q3 — Q4

  • Privacy features
  • Graphsync and Data Union V1



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Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas, S.A. (IFESA) es la primera empresa panameña dedicada a tecnologías basadas en algoritmos criptográficos, firmas electrónicas,