IFESA Litepaper


Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas SA, is a Panamanian based software technology corporation founded in September 2020 by Rogelio Morrell, Bradley Suira, Lourdes Vega and Luis Sanchez, to introduce decentralized technologies and digital signatures to Panama and worldwide.


IFESA focusing with great success on the following fronts:

  • Wallet technologies
  • Decentralized Security

XDV Platform

XDV Universal Wallet

The 2nd version of XDV Platform Wallet was rebranded Universal Wallet. Most of it has been refactor and is used by other DeFi projects. The roadmap for 2021 is to be able to pass W3C Universal Wallet specifications and get it to a compliant state.

XDV Document Signer

This is our main signature product available in Binance Smart Chain testnet in https://firmas.xdv.digital.

XDV Document Publisher

Our secure document publishing uses a NFT approach and allows publishers to get paid for their documents or data. Roadmap includes completing UI implementation, where the protocol is already completed.

XDV Invoice Protocol

These are a set of open source reference implementation for companies looking to implement DGI Factura Electrónica. This industry is set to start in 2022 and is a billions of dollars in market.

Panama DAO

Our latest open source community based DAO, is focused on mapping IPACOOP (Panama Coops) laws into a dual layer DAO.


  • Sumsub
  • Ciphertrace
  • Biconomy.io
  • Staked.us


  • Swarm Foundation — 2500 BZZ

Contributor to

  • DIF Foundation



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Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas, S.A. (IFESA) es la primera empresa panameña dedicada a tecnologías basadas en algoritmos criptográficos, firmas electrónicas,