DID NFT Metadata Ownership

  • Unique to a holder in 3 variables: denomination, id and metadata uri
  • The metadata might be offchain, ie allows forgery
  • Holder does not have cross chain accounts, ie complex UI / UX

Enter Ancon Protocol — DID NFT Metadata Ownership


  1. Alice changes metadata ownership in Ancon, DAG block gets replicated in IPFS, with status unconfirmed.
  2. Alice signs EIP1812 claim, issuing to Bob, token ownership and updated metadata ownership. It is registered onchain.
  3. Alice/Bob or Keeper job creates proof offchain.
  4. Verifier on the same chain as registry, verifies and applies safeTransferFrom, with a data payload which is ABI packed.
  5. Token receives transfer message and also updates token uri.
  6. Ancon and IPFS are eventually updated with cid token ownership as verified.
  • Cross chain mint / distribution
  • 2ndary market in any chain supported with DIDs
  • Dynamic NFTs, using IPNS / ENS
  • Universal Royalty features



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