Announcing Ancon NFT Marketplace General Availability and ParkyDB v1.0.0

Panama City, Panama — 16.00 local time

Available as of today for general public, Ancon Marketplace ushers into a new generation of NFT marketplaces where the focus is on trust and verifiable NFT assets and metadata.

Some of these features found in our marketplace powered by Ancon Protocol are:

  • Claim L2 account to verify offchain data

We are also having a host of curated and diverse artists which will start listing in the marketplace, including world famous rolodesedas

Additionally, but not least, Ancon Protocol v1.5 is being built, we just release Ancon ParkyDB v1.0.0, a block based, linkable and verifiable document database, which will allows us to build decentralized data union or data mesh architecture with built in encryption, signing, permissions and verifiable based on Ancon Protocol v1.0 or greater.

That will also be used in combination with substituteDR, which is a edge client using React 18 and WasmEdge, which together with ParkyDB, will be our secret sauce to scale up decentralized app and services, by maintaing consensus as a service and using it wisely, the idea is to bring more developers into Web 3.0 technologies.

Hope you guys enjoy the latest and greatest from IFESA!

— Rogelio



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