Ancon Protocol Incentives V1.0

2 min readFeb 23, 2022

First, tokenomics:

  • 25% right now in PancakeSwap, we will either put some additional liquidity to 50% or put 70% =(50% plus 20%) as rewards mining.
  • 5% marketing, airdrops, partnership
  • There are no team tokens

Incentives for V1

Instant Relayer (like PancakeSwap Auto Cake)

  • Relayers must be registered
  • We will probably show a list of relayers, or randomize it.
  • Ancon NFT Marketplace will have one auto relayer, which users clicking that, only paying gas and minimum fee, and it will mine some $ANCON.
  • This allows community to pay for blocks and relayers to receive incentives for keeping relaying blocks.

One tier to rule them all — default tier

  • There will be only one tier to register relayers, default. It will have no free blocks and reasonable block price. This to make the incentives and economy to focus on using the protocol.

The more you mint, more $ANCON, and future DAO and yield tokens

  • I left several analytics counter in Ancon Protocol just for future usage. With that, we are able to calculate how much users submit proofs to the platform. And we also count all blocks submitted by relayer.
  • Minting NFT to get $ANCON tokens will be a two phase thing
  • 1/ Will debut with in the coming week
  • 2/ Afterwards, in Ancon NFT Marketplace in v1.2–v1.3
  • 3/ Accounting for future airdrops of DAO and yield (farming) tokens will be taken from the analytics counters I just mentioned.

All these will take some time, team recently code completed Marketplace smart contract are in the midst of finishing up frontend development so we can start with testnet.

Yes, blockchain engineering is complex and takes time, but we do hope you’ll have a different experience regarding your IP ownership and assurance.




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