Note: Requires Go 1.17+, see for hardware and software requirements

1. Clone

2. Download Starport

3. Run `starport chain build`

4. Copy `go/bin/gaiad` to `/usr/local/bin`

Running Your Own Full-Node

Note: Requires Vega Upgrade to be live on testnet

1. Clean any existing files `rm -rf .gaia/`

2. Create keys or use existing

`gaiad keys add mykey -i — keyring-backend file`

3. Initialize

`gaiad init mynode — chain-id vega-testnet`

4. Copy `app.toml` and `config.toml` to `.gaia/config`

5. Extract `` to `.gaia/config/genesis.json`

6. Run `gaiad start — x-crisis-skip-assert-invariants`

Staking information



November — December 2021

  • Complete tech debt (DID registry)
  • Data Union, Datasets and Anchor models
  • Graphsync client wallet

January — February 2021

  • Store/Read Ancon <> Wallets with Graphsync
  • Budgeting API
  • Create Marketplace API

March 2021 >

  • Testnet
  • Terra UST support

We went early alpha last week with

  • Dapp
  • Explorer
  • 1st Cosmos Wallet Provider that works with Evmos with both Metamask and Keplr
  • ICS23 for Flow Cadence

Right now, with an expanded team, we’re going to deliver more quality and features.

There will be a $ANCON token too.

Going back to Data Unions, it will be a Graphsync + IBC protocol integration, where it will work as Sidetree esque graphs anchored, thus being verifiable while maintaining huge data sets in Ipld graphs.

One thing we can accomplish is decentralized data queries on demand and with dynamic pricing.

Yeah, an Uber for data unions.

Stay tuned for more information.

— Rogelio

Ancon Protocol implementation

What is a Vector Commitment

From Cosmos SDK Specs we get

A vector commitment is a construction that produces a constant-size, binding commitment to an indexed vector of elements and short membership and/or non-membership proofs for any indices & elements in the vector. This specification enumerates the…

Using IPLD and Cosmos

There is no such thing as a NFT Bridge

Reasons are:

  • Unique to a holder in 3 variables: denomination, id and metadata uri
  • The metadata might be offchain, ie allows forgery
  • Holder does not have cross chain accounts, ie complex UI / UX

Enter Ancon Protocol — DID NFT Metadata Ownership


Previously migrated…

Que es Ancon?

Es en esencia un canal seco, donde el peaje es 0 o cerca de 0. Inicialmente un canal seco o puente entre Cosmos y Ethereum, despues Flow.

Que tipo de puente?

Ancon solo se enfoca en tokens no fungibles o NFT.

Soporta EVM?

Si, puedes usar smart contracts en Solidity, y bajo costo de gas.

Aparte del feature de metadata y puentes, que mas ofrecen?

Vamos a descentralizar todo tipo de economía de los datos como la facturación electrónica y contratos legales.

Ya existe Polygon y otros mas, o Ancon es diferente?

Nuestro data pipes se basa en tres tecnologías novedosas y por primera vez usadas en conjunto:

  • Cosmos
  • IPLD
  • W3C Verified Credentials

Necesitan personal?


Son de Panamá?



Guided release plan November 3

Enhanced M1 from Filecoin grant

  • File feature will be rate limited to be 1MB
  • Ownership using DIDs


  • DID Web, DID Key and DID Ancon

Native NFTs

  • Integrated Irisnet NFT Module

NFTs with Trusted Content

  • NFTs using Ancon Immutable Metadata Resource

Universal Royalty Scheme

Cross Swap to Flow, Ethereum and Solana = M2

— Rogelio

Vapor Ancon, Primer barco en atravesar el Canal de Panamá

Ancon Protocol, “Any” de cualquier, “con” de contenido. Si nos remontamos a la época del Vapor Ancon, podríamos pensar que los extranjeros pensarían en “Any Continent”.

Ancon es exactamente esto, cualquier contenido bajo la premisa de ser un enlace que contiene un hash registrado por alguna red, esta sea por…


Industrias de Firmas Electrónicas, S.A. (IFESA) es la primera empresa panameña dedicada a tecnologías basadas en algoritmos criptográficos, firmas electrónicas,

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